Baby uitzetlijst: Must-haves and don’t needs voor jouw newborn op Curacao

Baby removal list: Must-haves and don't needs for your newborn on Curacao

In a previous blog I shared my experiences with what you do or don't need in Curaçao for your newborn baby in terms of clothing and sleeping. But of course there is so much more to it. There are fantastic lists (read: baby lay-out list) online to find what you need for your baby. You, as a pregnant mom with the hormones coursing through your body, naturally want the best for your little one that is about to come. Of course it is very personal what you do or do not want for your baby. You will only find out that some things may not be as necessary as you initially thought and you can also experience some situations first and then purchase the necessary items later. Below is my list of items that I really saw added value in and was glad I had purchased. Of course the large items such as a baby bed, changing table, pram and maxi cosi are a bit self-evident and I have not mentioned these.

Newborn baby must-haves

  • Long sleeve shirts and long pants / leggings
    I thought on Curacao, long-sleeved shirts, long pants. For real?! YES! Read more about this in my other blog: “newborn on Curaçao”.
  • Hydrophilic diapers
    Basically just nice soft cotton cloths in all kinds of nice prints in different sizes. I always found the term "diaper" very confusing, but it's just a cloth. You can use them for anything and everything. They are in the baby cot, on the changing mat, you can dry them with them, for on the road, for the beach, etc. You can't have enough of them.
  • box
    We have not regretted the box for a second and I really couldn't have done without it. When they are small it is a nice change for them and they can watch (and later) play with a baby gym or other cuddly toys, wipes or toys. When they get a bit older and start to crawl, it's nice that you can go to the toilet or grab something from the kitchen without "losing" your baby right away.
  • Baby monitor (app)
    We had the little one in our bedroom for a while in their own baby bed, but after a while they really went to their own nursery. We found it pleasant to both hear and see what was happening in the room. Those baby monitors are relatively expensive, I thought, but because you use them every day, it is worth it. Personally, we also found images more pleasant, but this is of course up to you. This is on with us every night so that we always know if something is happening in the nursery. Another tip: the baby monitor 3G app. We think this is ideal. You download this 1x on your phone (approx. USD 5) and then you can put it on multiple phones and tablets. You log in to the account where the app was downloaded and then download the app again on that device. Because you have already bought this on your account, you do not pay again every time. Then you put a tablet in the children's room and you have your phone at hand. Then it doesn't matter whether you sit outside for a while or with the neighbors. You put both the tablet and phone on the WiFi and you always have image and sound at hand. If the WiFi doesn't work on your phone, it will automatically switch to 3G. We swear by it.
  • bouncer
    A little variety for your little one is nice. The moment you put them in the box or on a rug on the floor, they just stare up. When you put them in a bouncer, they suddenly see a whole different world. They often enjoy being able to be with you a bit and also discover the world around them a bit. They spent many hours there.
  • Plain basic clothes
    You want to prevent that you will soon have all kinds of nice shirts and pants with all kinds of fun, playful, crazy prints and no basic items. Because those cute pants with elephants are a bit busy when a shirt with all kinds of dots and colors comes on top. So make sure you have a few simple basic items in solid colors.
  • Pram / playpen fan
    For such a little one in the maxi cosi it can be quite hot. Then such a small fan that you can click on the pram / maxi cosi or even on the playpen is a perfect solution. A little bit of coolness on the warm Curacao.

No-gos (on Curacao)
And now the question which items are a no-go in general and especially on Curacao? There are a few items that you might think, well maybe I'm going to need them. But some items are in my opinion just really unnecessary or just not practical on Curacao. Again this is my opinion and of course there will be moms who disagree.

  • baby carrier
    Actually, this one isn't quite a no-go. But a half no go. They are very nice, but actually Curacao is just a bit too hot for them. The advantages of a baby carrier are certainly there. But because they sit so close to you and are in a bag, it is often very warm for your little one (and for you). If you are going to travel with your little one (to colder places), this is a great outcome. If you do buy one, take a good look at the type of fabric. The thinner, more breathable, the better.
  • bath thermometer
    You learn that the water in the bath should be about 37 degrees. Okay, maybe it's nice to check the temperature the first few times. What you find nice and warm may be too hot for your baby. But really, after having used that bath 5 times, you really know how warm the water should be.
  • cardigan with hood
    It is a) too hot on Curacao for a hooded cardigan. You actually hardly use these and b) if they are really small, such a hood is just not useful. So looks cute, but practically no.
  • Not too many clothes
    Yes, all the clichés are true. They grow really fast! So don't buy too many of the small sizes. In addition, you probably also get a few gifts from friends, family and colleagues and they often buy the small sizes, so that before you know it you have a whole range of newborn clothes and 2 months later none of it fits.
  • flannel diapers
    Unlike the hydrophilic diapers, you do not use those flannel diapers or cloths. They're also too hot for here. I can be very short and sweet about that: just not handy!
  • Tummytub (bath bucket)
    Nice such a bath bucket, but we actually (almost) never used it. We used the bath bucket to collect the water from the baby bath when we bathed the little one in our bedroom. But soon you just put the bath in the shower or just shower (nice together) and you never use that whole bucket again.

This is my list for now. I hope you can get something out of it and as said these are my experiences, but there will undoubtedly be mothers who could not have done without the tummytub, for example.

Until next time.



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