Bopita / Vipack orders

Have you seen a nice closet, bed and/or changing table? And would you like to order this and are you wondering how this works exactly? Let us explain to you how it works.

  1. Select your product(s).
  2. Add the desired products to your shopping cart and check your shopping cart carefully.
  3. Then click on 'checkout' and fill in the desired information.
  4. You can then complete the order and the first part is arranged. We will contact you about your order.
  5. We will check if your items are immediately available in the Netherlands or whether this will be expected later. (80% is immediately available).
  6. To actually confirm the order, a deposit of 75% is required . Only when this deposit has been received, the order will be final and the items will be ordered in the Netherlands.
  7. PLEASE NOTE: the expected delivery time is currently 8-10 weeks!
  8. We will keep in touch with you in the meantime about the progress of the order.
  9. As soon as the order has arrived in Curacao, we will coordinate the desired delivery date / time with you.
  10. The remaining 25% will have to be paid in advance or during the delivery of the item(s).

PLEASE NOTE: All products come in the box and must be assembled YOURSELF. The accompanying manuals and screws are all present in the box.

The price mentioned on the website includes 9% OB and transport and all other handling and import costs. No other charges in addition to the stated price will apply. (With very few exceptions, but this will be clearly indicated in advance).

Products cannot be exchanged or returned.

If you have any other questions about the process, feel free to ask.