About Us

The story behind Knock Knock Kids


Knock Knock, who's there? It's me, Nikki from Knock Knock Kids. I am a 32-year-old mother and I live on Curacao with my husband Johan and two children, Ezra (4) and Elena (2).

But let's start at the beginning. In May 2014 I emigrated to Curacao. After I finished the Hotel School I worked in a 5-star hotel for a few years. I had a good time here and learned a lot, but I still wanted something different. I wanted to see more of the world and go to a place where the sun always shine. I packed my things and moved to Curacao. Without a plan, without ever being there and without knowing anyone. But I always thought, if I don't try now, I never will. And it is said that people are more likely to regret things they didn't do than things they did . So there I was, Nikki on Curacao. Because of my hotel background, I started applying for jobs at various hotels and resorts on the island and eventually ended up at the beautiful Chogogo Resort. I really had a fantastic (almost) 8 years and I still enjoy every day. I never thought that going to Curaçao would bring me so much. I got to know so many great people, got great opportunities at Chogogo Resort and learned so much (and still do) and met the love of my life with whom I now have two beautiful children. Who would have thought? For the time being, we are still having a great time here, so we are staying on this sunny island.

The children opened up a whole new world. Not only taking care of, playing and learning together with the children, but also a world of children's clothing, decoration and accessories for the children's rooms and so much more. In the evenings I can spend hours looking for beautiful children's items and clothes, discovering new trends, getting ideas and price comparisons. I never thought that I would enjoy more to dress up my kids than my own clothes. I think it's fantastic to score beautiful items for the children, but good quality, affordability and durability play an important role. Curaçao offers wonderful things, but also has its shortcomings every now and then. Based on the above "requirements", it is very difficult for children to succeed on Curacao. We don't have Zara, H&M or Hema around the corner, where everything is delivered on your doorstep the next day. So you have to be creative and order yourself, have it shipped with the necessary delivery times, etc. Or your family and friends needs to bring things for you.

This is where my idea originated. On the island there are too few children's items, accessories, clothing, shoes, etc. for an affordable price and of good quality. I thought there must be another way. At the end of October I started looking for brands that fit within this concept. And how nice, most of them were also super enthusiastic! And so the idea slowly but surely came together and Knock Knock Kids was born. I want to offer all moms (and of course dads, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles etc) on Curacao nice stuff of good quality for their (grand)children for an affordable price, thats why: "Quality for everyone".