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I've been wanting to share this list with you for a while now. Now it's finally time. All playgrounds / places in a row and there are more than you might think at first. We love using a playground as a stopover or combination. Just visit a shop here and there or do some shopping and then have a blast at the playground for the kids. Below is an overview of all playgrounds that we know. Of course, that doesn't mean that these are all playgrounds on the island, but I do think we're coming a long way. And then we are talking about all free playgrounds on Curacao. If you have additions, please share it in the comments, so that all moms and dads have a nice and complete overview. The playgrounds are listed in random order:

  • Playground Zest
    This playground is well known to most. Especially on Friday afternoon it is very popular because of the happy hour at Zest. Between 6-7pm they have all Spritz (and I think beer, soda and wine) at 50% off or for special prices. It's always a fun place there. The playground itself is just 1 swing and a house with a slide. But due to the cozy beach tennis next door, Zest and Zanzibar and of course the sea, there is plenty of entertainment.
  • Playground Brionplein
    This playground is really nice. Quite extensive, number of (large) climbing devices, a few bouncers and a nice music device. There are also fun things for the slightly older children (4+). But even the little ones can have a great time here. Nice to combine with a round of Riffort or Punda.
  • Playground Coral Woodpecker
    This is on the road to Mambo (from the Barracuda apartments towards Mambo) on the left. We've never been here ourselves, so I can't tell you much about it, but I did see it from the road. Also quite extensive and it is located in the middle of the district.
  • Playground Marie Pumpkin
    Actually, they don't have a playground here (yet). They are now busy building, so maybe there will be another playground. But it is neatly laid out and wonderful to walk around on the beautifully landscaped paths. This is also perfect with a pram. We thought it was ideal to cycle around there with the children (walking bike or just cycling) but the security guard thought otherwise. He told us that this was not allowed and only a bit along the sea, along the basketball court / football field is allowed. The reason behind this is because otherwise the youth with their cross bikes, etc. will constantly race over this and they don't want that. So they drew 1 line, not cycling in 'the park'.
  • Park Sorsaka / Den Dunki
    Not far from the main entrance there is a play area with a few picnic tables with some equipment in the middle of the forest. Can also be fun to hold a children's party. Children play nicely and you have the space to put a few things down and a big advantage, it is sheltered / in the shade.
  • Playground Heeren at Sea / Scuba Lodge
    At the Heeren At Sea they have a playground at the restaurant. Next to the playground are a few picnic tables where you as a parent can also take a seat, so that you can keep a nice overview but can still enjoy your drink or snack in a relaxed way. It may not seem very big, but it still provides enough entertainment for the children.
  • Parke Roi Rincon (Hato)
    The entrance is opposite the Free Zone at Hato. It is free to enter and open from 07:00 to 19:00. You can drive your car a bit and then you will see it for yourself. Picnic tables, seesaw, climbing frame and slide.
  • Playground Piscadera
    We kind of came across this one by chance during the Corona times. On our way back from the GGD we drove past this playground and then we stopped for the kids to play. They hadn't been anywhere for such a long time, all that time when nothing was allowed, everything was closed, etc. That's why this playground was so nice. They couldn't stop having fun. There is a fence around the playground and actually quite a neat playground. Spacious and what you can expect from a playground, swing, seesaw, slide and climbing.
  • Pos Salu (Saint George Bay)
    Open area at the Sint Jorisbaai, if you drive from the Ostrich Farm towards the inland waterway. Covered picnic area, seesaw, climbing frame with swings and enough space to cycle or play football.
  • Playground Eden Mall
    In this case we do not mean the Eden's Fun Park, but we mean in the 'mall' itself between the shops. There is a small miniature golf course there and a teeter-totter and a few small flippers at the end. Nice to combine with a round of Eden Mall and an ice cream at Baskin Robbins or a milkshake at Denny's.
  • Playground Soto
    There is a small playground at Soto, but that is hardly worth mentioning. There is a seesaw and a rotary device. Actually I didn't want to mention these, but to make the list as complete as possible.
  • Playground La Hacienda Olivia Plantation
    Actually a very nice one, because you have 3-in-1 here. 1. The playground. 2. Type of petting zoo 3. Restaurant. Your children can have a great time here. Watching animals (chickens, horses, goats, sheep) and a look behind the scenes. Often someone is busy with 'something', such as feeding the animals, cleaning, building something, etc. And you can have lunch or dinner or just drop by for a drink. I understand that the children can also ride horses.
  • Playground Delifrance / Flowerpot
    Definitely one of our children's favourites, but I think it mainly has to do with Jamin. This playground is located at Bloempot, which is next to Suikertuintje. At Bloempot you have a number of shops and the Delifrance. So combine the morning and early afternoon with breakfast or lunch or just a cup of coffee at the Delifrance and the children play next to it. We often come later in the afternoon and then the Delifrance is already closed. We often make it an extra fun outing because they can choose 1 candy from Jamin and play at the playground. Double fun!
  • Kokomo Beach
    At Kokomo there is a playground in the shape of a ship. Looks very nice. Of course it's cool to play on such a pirate boat. But also quickly bored with it, because you can climb on it and climb / jump from it and actually not much more.
  • IL Forno Restaurant
    At Il Forno on the Caracasbaaiweg there is a playground at the pizzeria. Can be a wonderful (easy) stop at the end of the afternoon. Do not feel like cooking? Then eat a pizza or pasta here. Children play, have a snack and then go home together. Playground has two swings and a slide with house.
  • Playground Riffort
    I think this one is even less known to most, but nowadays at the back of the Renaissance (near the Rif Fort) they have a playground with a spacious lawn around it. The restaurant "5 o'clock somewhere" is next to the playground. The playground itself is not big. Has two swings and a slide. But the advantage here is that there is a nice spacious lawn around it. So if you have the chance to bring a ball, that is definitely recommended. As soon as someone has a ball with them, the children automatically start playing football.
  • Playground Goisco / Tutu Park
    There is a playground next to the Goisco. To be honest, I haven't been there myself, because I always hear around me how dangerous this playground is. Unfortunately completely neglected, several children were injured and also many "vermin" such as wasps, etc. So not from my own hands, but many others advise against this place. Hopefully they'll fix it again someday.
  • Playground Porto Marie
    You might easily overlook this one. Because this playground is at the very end of the beach. Anyone who has been to Porto Marie before knows that the beach starts with the restaurant, diving school and shop and the toilets. Then you walk to the right onto the beach. The further back you walk, the less easy it is to walk into the sea. But at the very end is the playground. The sun is burning up there. So the play items do get hot in the sun. We enjoy the beach there more than the playground.
  • Playground Brakkeput May May
    A wonderful place to go with the kids. The only downside is that it doesn't open until 5pm. So that really means a last hour of playing in the playground (or a little longer with older children). It is a nice and beautiful playground with multiple devices, climbing items, swings. And there is also a nice midget golf course for the slightly older children (this is for a fee). The playground is part of the Brakkeput Mei Mei restaurant, so you can also choose to stay for dinner. Or maybe just a drink and take it to the playground. The big advantage here is that the children cannot just run away. It is well-arranged and they really have to walk up several flights of stairs to get to the restaurant.
  • Gnome forest
    A nice change is the gnome forest. You can walk into the gnome forest from two sides. You have an entrance from Vigdis Jonkheer Mensing College (parking lot) or from the street opposite Dragon Villa. From the last entrance you come straight to the playground. This playground is located in the forest and is also built on it. So a bit more robust, but definitely worth it. Picnic tables are also provided. So bring some food and drinks and let your children play. You can also choose to start from the other side (Vigdis) and first walk a bit and then take a drink/play break at the playground and then walk back to the car.
  • Eatery de Buurvrouw
    At Eetcafe de Buurvrouw on the way to Westpunt, they also have a playground at the restaurant. Not very big, but just a place for the kids to play. We found it exciting with small children to sit in the restaurant ourselves and leave the children at the playground. Because the (very busy) road is right behind it. Now, of course, there is a fence in between, but they can go left from the playground to the road or to the right to the restaurant. You can't see the playground very well in the restaurant. So that's a little less convenient. But of course it's nice that it's there.

As I mentioned at the beginning, these are all free playgrounds. Of course there are many more playgrounds for children, such as Sambil, Children's Museum, Eden's Fun Park (Eden Mall), day pass at Kunuku or the playground at Mangrove Beach Corendon, etc. But these are all places that you have to pay for or stay.

We have also heard that there will be a new playground next to the Ladies at the Promenade. We are curious!

Hopefully, this list provides a few more play options for you and your kids. Have fun and let us know if we missed one.


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