Staycation in Dreams Curacao Resort

Staycation in Dreams Curacao Resort

Last weekend we spent two nights with our children (2 and 4 years old) at the Dreams Curacao Resort, Spa & Casino (the old Hilton) at Piscadera. We found it striking that nobody actually knew who had been there. This also made us a bit skeptical about it, because if you don't hear anyone about it, there's often a good reason... The reviews you find online are okay, not super good, but not bad either. We thought we'd see and I can tell you it was better than expected.

We had chosen Dreams because we have two young children. We wanted to have enough for them to do, but we also like to enjoy and relax ourselves. So we thought we had found a good combination of pool, beach and entertainment and enough choice of restaurants.

We were kindly welcomed in the lobby. Our suitcases were immediately put aside and we could check in at a counter. The children were amazed and immediately received something delicious (biscuit or apple) from a hostess. After check-in we were neatly taken to the room with the suitcases. In the room the agreed baby bed for our 2 year old was not ready. So that immediately became a phone call to the reception, but after 15 minutes the bed was neatly brought. We had a standard room with a bath as a request. We don't have a bath at home and the children don't know a bath. Except for a swimming pool ;) The standard room consisted of two queen size beds with standard amenities and a bathroom with toilet and bath (yeah). The bath has been used to the maximum these two days, they loved it.

first night
After we arrived and everything was unpacked, we walked down to discover everything and it was now the end of the afternoon. So we were all hungry. At the beginning you have to search and see where what is and what is open. They may be able to work on that, but you'll figure it out. Finally we walked to the "Crafty Iguana Brew Pub" at 6 pm. The four of us had a small bite to eat here. Mainly for the kids. We had the plan, after the children were in bed, to have a snack somewhere else. As the name suggests, a pub, you can get a hamburger, fries, chicken sticks, etc. and a nice draft beer here. The prices are on the card, which was confusing for us. Because we had booked all inclusive right?! And the service also agreed, so there was no extra charge. After dinner, in the bath and the children in bed. The children thought otherwise and were so 'excited' that they really didn't go to sleep yet. The youngest found out that she could climb out of the cot. So it was a hassle to keep her in that crib. Finally at 9.30 pm (!) they slept and we ordered room service. We ate in the (almost) dark and it was delicious. Plate of pasta for me and steak for the husband with a glass of red wine and a glass of bubbles for me. We were happy.

having fun
The next morning the children spent a little longer in their bed (with their curtains you could also get it dark in the room, also handy for afternoon naps) and after another bathing session we walked down for breakfast. Breakfast is served daily in an extensive buffet style at "World Cafe". Excellent breakfast buffet, everything you can expect and more is there. Omelette can be made as you wish, juices, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes, fruits etc. After breakfast we went to the kiddie pool. A large pool, shallow (below knee height for an adult) with all kinds of play/squirt toys. Perfect pool for the little ones. I think this is fun up to age 6. After that, it might get a little boring for them. But then there are plenty of other options for them. The beach is not big, but that's all you need. In any case, it is pleasantly busy at the resort, but certainly not too full and not every bed is occupied. There are also water sports options, so a waterboard, snorkelling gear, etc. can all be found there. I also saw tires in front of a boat, but I don't know whether that is also included. There is another large swimming pool, there it was also nice and busy and there was music. In the afternoon the “World Café” is open again with an extensive buffet. Enough choice for everyone and always something tasty to find. Drinks (whatever you want) are served and all dirty plates and glasses are quickly removed. Just fine and neat. In the afternoon you can also go to "Barefoot Grill" for a hamburger, hot dog, etc

There is also a Kids Club, these are for children from 3 to 12 years. Very sweet ladies who look after your children and entertain them. An area inside the air conditioning with all kinds of options, such as crafts, building, climbing, "camping", watching a movie or outside on the playground or on the trampoline. Because there were almost no children, they had it quiet and our 2-year-old daughter could play there for a while. Then we had 1.5 hours to ourselves. A quiet moment with a cocktail in the shade in a nice spot. We didn't find that annoying either. You will be given a device that will vibrate when they need you. Just like the kind that you get and vibrate when your food is ready. You know them. We picked up the children and had even eaten together with the nannies and had a great time. Back to the bath, of course, and then to bed. Fortunately, that went better than the first night. Certainly because they swam and played a lot, they were also tired. We put the baby monitor in the room and then went downstairs to eat at “Oceana”. A seafood restaurant by the sea. Nice spot and good food. During dinner, two dancers came by and asked if we could watch the dance show tonight. There was also a kind of performance in the open air theater. We have not been here, but there is entertainment every night as we already saw on the program. There is also the Casino and an extensive Spa. Neither of us have been here. Not that we don't like this, but just haven't had time to stop by. There are a total of seven dining options: “World Café” with breakfast and lunch buffet (They also said dinner on the site, but there wasn't. At least not when we were there), “Crafty Pub”, sports bar with drinks and Tex-Mex food, “Portofino”, Italian restaurant, “Barefoot Grill” Beach grill for a simple lunch, “Oceana”, seafood restaurant, "Seaside Grill", with steaks and other grilled dishes (we completely missed these by the way) and finally “Coco cafe” with coffee, tea and snacks. They have three bars, a bar “Rendez vous”, right in the lobby from early morning until night for drinks and cocktails. Bar in the Casino and bar by the pool. In short, you will not be short of anything.

One more time or not?!
We were pleasantly surprised. In retrospect I think why did we have such (low) expectations before arrival. It is a beautiful, complete and well-kept resort and with a remarkable number of super friendly staff. There is a local rate of USD 360 per night based on 2 adults + 1 child aged 4 years (paying for) and 1 child aged 2 years (which is free). Minimum stay is 2 nights at the weekend and 1 night during the week. So no it's not for nothing, but all drinks, food, accommodation and extras are included. We actually came to the conclusion that 2 nights is too short. We haven't even experienced so many restaurants, the spa and casino. Time flies by, but that's only a good sign. So for us it was certainly not the last time at Dreams Resort.

Sleeping: 8
Food: 9 for choices, 7.5 for quality
Staff: 8.5
Appearance resort and Hygiene: 8.5

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