This is it!

This is it!

I'm typing this now a few days before Knock Knock Kids goes live. And now I don't really know where to start. It's almost time, my idea, my company (which still sounds crazy to me) will soon be live. Nowadays you read or see so many stories, blogs, vlogs, tiktoks and I know it all, that I think you can no longer be original with a fantastic story. What I actually want to say is that I find it very exciting and that I am very nervous about how it will be received by you. Are you going to like the stuff? Are you also going to buy stuff or just a few acquaintances or friends? What are your experiences? Will I be able to find your houses later if I drop by? I can see myself doing the same laps four times and doubting whether I'm at the right place. But I'm the least concerned about the latter.

My goal with Knock Knock Kids has always been to get good quality fun items for kids to the island at an affordable price. I have found very nice new brands that are not sold on the island, but also very well-known brands. So you will certainly occasionally see a well-known label in the clothing or on another item. But I went a little bit out of the convenience of the people. We are all so busy already. And the fact that it is my passion to spend hours on the internet for a nice shirt or cute cuddly toy or cool boots for the best price, does not mean that everyone likes to do this. And yes, you can also order some items yourself, but then you have to deal with a (long) delivery time and with smaller orders often proportionally higher shipping costs. I thought how nice it is when you see something nice, something for an affordable price and you have it at home within 24 hours without further fuss. And that in Curacao :)

What Knock Knock Kids stands for even more is honesty. The price is fair, the description is fair and I will always make sure it stays that way. I think everyone who knows me will describe me that way, I am always honest, open and down to earth. And so will Knock Knock Kids. No fantastically written blogs, but honest stories about (own) experiences, stories from family, friends or colleagues on the island and other trips and tricks for you as a mom. No sneaky hidden costs and the products you buy are just right. And undoubtedly there will be a mistake here and there, because yes I am a perfectionist, but definitely not perfect haha. But I'm sure you forgive me.

In summary, Knock Knock Kids is straightforward; fun items for the kids for a good, fair price of good quality and that on the beautiful, sunny Curacao!

I hope I make you happy with the items for sale. I am open to all comments and questions. Let me know if you are missing items for your kids in Curacao, because you are probably not alone. And then I'll do my best to get them here for a nice price. For now I would like to thank you very much for visiting my website and for reading my first blog.



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