Uitstapjes met kids (0-4 jaar) op Curacao

Trips with kids (0-4 years) on Curacao

We have been living on Curacao for a few years now. Curacao has of course an infinite number of beautiful beaches where you can go, but I would like to tell you more about the day (part) trips that we make with our children. Who knows, there might be something in there that you didn't know and I'm sure I'm missing something too.

Besides working with Knock Knock Kids, I also work part time. I mainly work in the morning, so I have the afternoon free and go do things with the kids.

The trips that I will describe are mainly aimed at young children in the age of 0 - 4 years. Some trips are of course also fun for older children, but some may be a bit boring or really suitable for the little ones. The order below is random and there is no sponsorship of any kind behind it. With every trip I have mentioned an extra tip. This can be useful to know in advance and to take into account.

  • Hofi Cas Cora
    This is similar to a petting zoo. At the adjacent shop (Marketplace) you can buy delicious fresh ingredients (from our own vegetable garden), but also nuts and other organic products. You can also eat there if you want. When you arrive driving in the driveway, park your car and walk into either the store or their property. You can find all kinds of animals on the site, such as chickens, donkeys, piglets, goats, horses, peacocks, etc. It is small-scale, so it is also easy to do with the little ones. Some up and down steps, so a buggy might be less convenient, but as said it is not that big. So he or she can also take you on the arm (if they can't walk yet).
    Tip : Eat a nice piece of fresh banana or papaya cake outside on the picnic table.
  • Sambil
    Sometimes a morning or afternoon in the air conditioning is nice. In Sambil there are several playgrounds for the children. From small to large. In the middle of the food court is a small one, which is suitable for the little ones who can only crawl. This one is nice up to a year or 3 / 3.5 years. There are also two other play areas. One when you enter through the main entrance, immediately right. Here little ones (from about 1 year old) and big children can play together. The whole is quite large, but almost everything can be seen from 1 central place. And the latter is a playground close to the Carrefour. This is the biggest. It currently consists of three parts. 1 part: for the little ones, with all items that they can feel and experience with different types of materials, mirrors, colors, lights, etc. 1 part: for ages 1 - 3 years. Ball pit, sliding and clambering and climbing. 1 part: with lots of trampolines and even more cool climbing and clambering parts. Age from 3/4 years.
    Tip : We always prefer to go here with the two of us, so that we can each keep an eye on a child. They always go their own way and then it gets stressful or a lot of dragging around keeping one kid with the other when you're on your own. As soon as children are old (and wise) enough, it is a pleasant break as a parent.
    Extra tip : bring something with long sleeves. The whole mall is in air conditioning and it can sometimes be quite chilly for them here.
  • La Hacienda Olivia Plantation
    At La Hacienda Olivia Plantation you can have lunch and/or dinner or just have a nice drink. But the most fun for the children is the playground that comes with it and all kinds of farm animals, such as horses, chickens, goats, sheep etc. You can easily walk past here and see how they are fed. And I've been told that you can also go horseback riding once in a while.
    Tip : Restaurant and playground are next to each other. So order a drink and let your kids play in the playground. Good idea!
  • Jan Thiel Beach Playground
    There are a few public playgrounds here and there on Curacao, but unfortunately most of them have quite a bit of overdue maintenance. The one at Jan Thiel Beach is small (read: slide, swing), but it is always pleasant. There are almost always other (small) children playing and you quickly have a chat with another mom or dad. You can easily let them rage out here for an hour and they don't have to put on the swimwear right away. You can of course also extend it and combine this with a dip in the sea. And that way you will soon have filled the whole morning or afternoon.
    Tip : They have ice creams made with fresh fruit available at Zest (beach bar). Children love it and are therefore not full of sugar.
  • Sea Aquarium
    I don't think I need to explain that a dolphin show, watching sharks and petting sea creatures is always cool for a kid. Whatever age. We always like it there ourselves. Don't expect a Dolfinarium like in the Netherlands, but just small but nice. And certainly entertainment for a few hours.
    Tip : If you live here you get a discount on presentation of your sedula. Planning to come more often, take an annual subscription, you'll have that in no time.
  • Bouncy castle at Cafelito
    Cafelito is located at Salinja opposite the DA. They have (I don't know if they still do) an extensive brunch every Sunday and also a bouncy castle. So the parents are enjoying breakfast, brunch or lunch and your kids are having fun on the bouncy castle.
  • Children's Museum
    A place where the children can really enjoy themselves all morning or afternoon. Really surprising and super fun for the kids. Very relaxed. There is a piece inside the air conditioning and a piece outside. Everything is clear and the children have the time of their lives.
    Tip: Don't go too late. They close around 5pm. But if you want to go for an hour, for example, you are no longer allowed to enter at 4 p.m.
  • Cinema
    Our oldest went to the cinema for the first time when he had just turned 3 years old. He is a super fan of Paw Patrol and yes then Paw Patrol The movie came out. He watched the whole movie and thought it was fan-tas-tic. But also very impressive and at times (too) exciting. In retrospect, he may have been a little too young. He was not happy afterwards either. He was probably devastated by all the impressions, but weeks later he was still talking about it.
    Tip : Be careful when giving popcorn to your toddler (choking hazard). Just a friendly tip from one parent to another.
  • Jan Thiel Salt Pans
    Walking in the salt pans at Jan Thiel. Even if it is only a small part, children find it quite exciting and quite an undertaking. They also come across all kinds of things along the way, such as stones or branches that they have to look at or show to you. Even with our 1 year old who could barely walk it went well. Just a little bit and you're out for a while.
    Tip : Take a bucket with you and let them 'collect' everything in their bucket.
  • Playground Flowerpot
    Perfect size to get out for half an hour. They always have a great time there. Easy to oversee, next to the Delifrance. Although I often go in the afternoon and then the Delifrance is already closed.
    Tip : I often combine it that they can choose 1 candy at Jamin. Totally happy kids.
  • Indoor playground Eden Mall
    At Eden Mall there is an indoor playground inside. Also nicely organized and often quiet. In the same room are also all kinds of games that older children can play.
    Tip : You can get ice cream for the kids and/or a cup of coffee for yourself next door.
  • Playground and mini golf at Landhuis Brakkeput Mei Mei
    At Landhuis Brakkeput Mei Mei you have a number of playground equipment and there is a mini golf course. The mansion itself is already beautiful to look at and now you also have all the extras. You can also eat at the country house. So you can even combine this with the older children.
    Tip : Don't go too early, otherwise you will be standing in front of a closed door. They don't open until 5pm.
  • Playground Mambo
    There is a playground on the beach between Madero and Bonita. Not very big, but still fun. Actually similar as at Jan Thiel Beach. Of course there is plenty to drink and eat on the Boulevard. So easy to combine with a snack.
    Tip : In combination with a walk from the Sea Aquarium all the way to Madero or even further, with the playground as a stopover, it is already quite a walk.
  • Swimming lesson
    Okay, this is not an activity that you can just do. You have to sign up for this. We have had swimming lessons at the Zeester, but there are several options. Swimming lessons are already possible when they are still super small (from 3 months). This can be a fixed half hour in the morning or afternoon for a certain period of time for a number of weeks.
    Tip : Never regretted for a second that they had been exposed to 'swimming lessons' at such a young age.
  • gnome forest
    You have two parking options. 1. In the parking lot at the school Vigdis or 2. Next to Landhuis Jongbloed is an 'entrance' to the forest where you can park your car. When you park at Vigdis you first have to go through the forest. Very beautiful, but still quite a bit for a 2-/3-year-old and then you arrive at a kind of playground in the woods. A seesaw, swing and some ropes to hang from and play with. If you park at the other parking lot, you will immediately arrive at the playground in the forest.
    Tip : Walking with a buggy in the gnome forest is a challenge, but ultimately doable with a good sturdy buggy.
  • Striders (bicycles)
    Every Saturday morning there is a group of children who “cross” with their Strider (small cross bike) on the bicycle track (next to the zoo/traffic park) under supervision. These are one of the few sports that they can do as early as 2 years old. It looks really cute and tough and good for their perseverance.
    Tip: You can look them up on Facebook if you're interested.
  • Round Westpunt
    Road trip! Our children love driving and they enjoy looking around them. You can take a nice ride to Westpunt with a few breaks in between. You could combine this with a beach, but not necessarily. Along the way you can get a nice batido (shake with or without milk and fresh fruit) and we think lunch at country house Klein Santa Martha is a nice break. There is a small playground and you have a beautiful view and you really have the feeling that you are completely away (and on holiday in your own country).
    Tip : take enough food and drinks with you in the car for the children.

So this is what they were for now. I hope you got something out of it that you might not have known or might have forgotten a bit. Have fun with all outings and let me know in the comments if I'm still missing something.

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