A fresh start of 2023

All the holidays and all the 'December madness' are over again. Maybe family and friends are back home. Rest and rhythm slowly return. Time to tackle things around the house! And we are happy to help you.

From baby to teenage room
Maybe it's finally time to start on the baby's room. Time flies and so you go from the moment you just find out you're having a little one, to the 20-week ultrasound to find out if it's going to be a boy or a girl. So it is now also high time to start the baby room.

Or do you now have a little one walking around and this suddenly goes faster than you thought and does that little one of you already want to crawl out of her or his baby bed? And is he or she actually ready for the next step, a beautiful nursery?

Or a new year, new energy and time for something else? That also sounds like a good plan! Sometimes small changes can make the nursery look completely different and be experienced by your child.

Here are a few tips to create your own beautiful (new) baby, toddler, children's or teenage room for your child:

  • Wallpaper
    We have beautiful (non-woven) wallpaper in our range of the Bibelotte brand. Wallpapering a wall gives the room a completely new look. Or think 'out of the box' and wallpaper that cupboard that is not so beautiful anymore. It suddenly becomes the showpiece of the room.
  • Beds
    Looking for a good, quality bed for the best price. Search no further. We offer beds from the Bopita brand. This brand is incredibly good and beautiful at the same time. A bed that can take a beating, doesn't expand immediately when it gets a bit damp or just stays beautiful. And you can also take another round to a sister or brother. From cots , extendable beds , house beds , sofa beds , loft beds , bunk beds , single beds to double beds .
  • Bed linen
    How about a supplement of new bedding? A new set of bedding looks so wonderful and fresh. These are available from crib size to double beds and everything in between. We offer the bed linen for the best prices for good quality. And of course all soft, 100% cotton and breathable.
  • Dress
    A beautiful rug in the room also gives such a different feeling. Your child will love to play on it or to lie on it. We have beautiful rugs in our range in all shapes and sizes. And yes, you can wash most rugs. So also in case of accidents, no problem just put it in the washing machine and the rug is like new again.
  • Tidy
    A tidy room gives peace of mind. For you, for your child, for everyone. We have various storage bags , storage baskets and storage cabinets . Just take a look. Or looking for a nice new (clothing) closet . We also have these in our range.
  • Children's room accessories
    Not really looking for big changes? But just a nice accessory in the nursery. That is of course also possible. Like a new pillow , or something on the wall or sweet cuddly toy or doll .

Are you looking for something different? Or do you need some help? Feel free to ask us. We are happy to help you.