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Balls 50 pieces (Grey)

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You can also expect quality from the Misioo balls. The balls are made of a material that is completely safe for children. Thanks to the durability and flexibility, the balls can take a beating.

Determine the colors and numbers of balls yourself
Depending on your wishes and the size of the ball pool, you can choose the numbers and colors, something for everyone! And of course you can also use the balls for other purposes, such as in the box, a swimming pool or for decoration.

Ball pool balls, perfect for practicing motor skills
Misioo balls have many benefits for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. With this, children can perfectly practice fine motor skills. Roll, throw and catch, so you improve hand-eye coordination in a playful way. In addition, a ball pit with balls ensures the sensory development of your child when it plays in and under the balls.

Dimensions: diameter 7 cm.
Quantity: 50 pieces