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Bopita Lisa barrier - White

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Only suitable for dressers from the Lisa series. A barrier (attachment) on a changing table ensures that your baby is directly in front of you, which makes changing and dressing a lot easier because you can stand in the correct ergonomic position yourself. Plus, you keep eye contact with your little one. Place a changing pad on the barrier with a soft cover over it. Due to the raised edges of the barrier, the cushion cannot move; extra safe! The attachment is attached to the changing table and can be removed later if the child is too big. Please note: a barrier protrudes slightly at the front and back of the chest of drawers, so that the furniture is approximately 10-15 cm away from the wall. This item is suitable for use with a child weighing up to 15 kg. You can place a changing mat on the changing table with the short side against the back wall. The maximum dimensions of the changing mat are 52 x 72 cm.

PLEASE NOTE: on order, not immediately available.