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By Kay

Stretchy Wrap Deluxe + hat - Leopard - 100% organic cotton

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The Stretchy Wrap Deluxe from ByKay is stretchable and the most commonly used baby carrier for newborn babies, because newborns feel wonderfully secure in it. Just like in the belly! Now complete with matching hat.

The fabric is soft and comfortable to wear, you'll never want to take it off! Handy, because you carry your baby in this sling in the most natural position on your stomach or hip and you can wear it for as long as you and your child like: there is no time limit. This sling can be used comfortably up to approximately 10 kilos.

The first time using a knotted baby carrier may feel a bit awkward, but if you watch the instructional video and practice a few times, you will soon gain all the dexterity and confidence you need in this baby carrier. “It's not that complicated at all!”, we often hear afterwards.

  • Age: From birth to 1 year
  • Weight: Maximum 10 kg
  • Carrying position: Stomach and hip carrier
  • Feature: Extremely suitable for newborn babies
  • Fabric: OEKO-TEX certified fabric
  • Certified: ASTM certified product
  • Material: 100% Organic Cotton
  • Length: Size M: 4.80m
  • Width: 70 cm

Watch the video for instructions or download the instruction newspaper .